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Selena Gomez’ best cousin Brandon RARE PICTURES!!!

November 15, 2008

Hi guys so i can give credit on this one because i was on my myspace and i have Brandon as a friend [yes it is him it says how long he’s been a member for and it was way before Selena was seen hanging with him] anyways like i was saying i have him as a friend so i decided to do some looking about and i saw his pictures which SMARTLY i saved for all you to check out AND i found out his last name his FULL NAME IS Brandon Newsom 😉 awsome he look’s super cool and fun to hang with 🙂


Selena Gomez RARE PICTURES!!!

November 15, 2008

So i was surfing around the web and came across some rare picture’s of Disney celebs so i’ll post Selena’s rare pictures 🙂 by the way the place i got these pictures from was a random website i found after linking from so many others :-S so i’m sorry but i can’t give credit to anyone in particular so i’m just going to give credit to the world wide web and selena gomez for taking the pictures 🙂