About DisneyDrama

Hey y’all this is Samantha the owner of this blog you’ve probably clicked on this “about page” to find out what this blogs purpose is so i’ll tell you DisneyDrama is basically a blog about Disney stars and disney programmes and the diffrent things that are happening about them with download links, links to youtube video’s, information about them,pictures and much more i guess you’ll have to look around to see more of that stuff. So i’ll just tell you all how i came up with the name and where i got my insperation to make this blog from ok so i came up with the name pretty easily which is way weird for me i usually spend hours on coming up with a good catchy name that will stick in your head forever but it came to me because well i already knew it was going to be based on Disney so when i think of Disney  i often think of drama so that was how i came up with the name. I got my inspiration from other blogs like Oceanup , Socialbutterflies and many more and i thought to myself wouldn’t it be pretty awsome if i made my own blog and wouldn’t it be even more awsome if it became SUPER popular and i could rub it in my big sisters face like i did with my youtube she’s got 6 subscribers and i have 112 🙂 good times 😉 anyway’s i wanted to say i will credit any youtube video’s , download links , picture’s or anything like that so have fun! =D


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