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Alyson Stoner’s new youtube video !

November 16, 2008

Alyson Stoner latest youtube video is called phone number here’s what it says in the discription box : “Say It Now allows me to send you all exclusive updates, receive voicemails from you, and even call you back personally!!

Credit to Youtube


Taylor Swift wants to star in Gossip Girl.

November 16, 2008


Taylor Swift would consider guest starring on Gossip Girl. She told Extra on Wednesday that she’d love to act opposite her ‘ideal costar’ Chace Crawford. Taylor added:

‘Music is always going to be number one for me, so it would take a lot to pull me away, of course. But if it were something like Grey’s Anatomy then I would have to.’

On her very personal album Fearless: ‘It’s sort of a personal goal for me to make songs so personal and so obvious, that if all my ex-boyfriends were to sit down and listen to my album, they
would figure out which song is about them.

I wrote a song called ‘Fearless.’ It’s about the best first date I haven’t had. When I wrote the song, I wasn’t dating anyone. I was completely single.

Credit to Extra *please note i do know Taylor is not a Disney star but i thought i’d let you in on some gossip*

Vintage Vanessa Hudgens

November 16, 2008

Vintage Nessa

Vanessa stared in a play version of the grinch who stole christmas when she was youger and we have a picture for you to look at 🙂

The New Lucy and Ethel

November 16, 2008

Miley Emily

Emily Osment was featured in the latest issue TV Guide. Here is the excerpt: Since 2006, Emily has played loyal up for anything Ethel to Miley Cyrus’ Lucy on Hannah Montana. But, with the release of her debut album

and a January TV movie called Dadnapped, this sidekick is about to take center sage.

The chemistry you and Miley share recalls I Love Lucy. ‘A lot of people say that. I’ve gone through a ton of stuff with her and that definitely helps the charisma on screen. We’re so lucky to get along so well. We look forward to going to work.

Has the media craze surrounding Miley affected the show at all?
‘I will always be there for Miley and support her throughout every thing, but when I go down to set, I’m there to work. We just try
to ignore all the drama the media tries to created.’

What’s up with the Hannah Montana movie coming out in April? ‘We’re all pumped for that. It’s not like a 90 minute episode, it’s a beautiful story about growing up. I don’t want to give too much away, but it will take you by surprise. It will take you places
you weren’t expecting to go.’

Credit to Oceanup and Flickr

Taylor swift talks about Joe breakup in a magazine :-)

November 15, 2008

Taylor Swift us weekly

“Yes. Forever & Always is about watching someone fade away from you and wondering what you did wrong. I asked my label to let me record it at the last minute. I thought it really belonged on the album.'”

YAY! i’m loving that Taylor is honest to her fans 🙂 it’s super cool i think she should have told us she was dating him before they broke up though but it’s too late now, anyways i think it was rockin’ how she called him out on Ellen 🙂 i would love to do that on national tv how awsome would that be , i’m feeling bad for both of them because i’m a huge fan of them both so i can’t pick sides so i’m on both tell me what y’all think about the breakup and who’s side you are on and all that 😉

Credit to Us Weekly.

Selena Gomez’ best cousin Brandon RARE PICTURES!!!

November 15, 2008

Hi guys so i can give credit on this one because i was on my myspace and i have Brandon as a friend [yes it is him it says how long he’s been a member for and it was way before Selena was seen hanging with him] anyways like i was saying i have him as a friend so i decided to do some looking about and i saw his pictures which SMARTLY i saved for all you to check out AND i found out his last name his FULL NAME IS Brandon Newsom 😉 awsome he look’s super cool and fun to hang with 🙂

Demi Lovato RARE PICTURES!!!

November 15, 2008

Hey again so like i said on the Selena rare pictures below [i got these from the same site] i can’t give credit the only way i can give credit is by saying i give credit to the world wide web and Demi Lovato enjoy the pictures!

Selena Gomez RARE PICTURES!!!

November 15, 2008

So i was surfing around the web and came across some rare picture’s of Disney celebs so i’ll post Selena’s rare pictures 🙂 by the way the place i got these pictures from was a random website i found after linking from so many others :-S so i’m sorry but i can’t give credit to anyone in particular so i’m just going to give credit to the world wide web and selena gomez for taking the pictures 🙂

The Suite Life on Deck – Sea Monster Mash

November 15, 2008


Hi guys well i was surfing youtube looking for some new stuff and i found out there’s a new suite life on deck episode 😉 yeah so i thought i’d post it so you guys could watch it 🙂 because i’m super nice i always give credit so the videos are from DisneyEpisodes2008 so go check out their youtube because they have tons more 😉

Demi’s looking rather photoshopped.

November 15, 2008


Demi’s looking a bit photoshopped in this picture from seventeen magazine i found the picture of flickr and i thought i wonder if Demi knows they photoshopped her i think they should have kept her UNPHOTOSHOPPED because we like celebrities to be normal and they’ve taken the DEMINESS out of this photo.